Manufacturing Plant Site Selection: Where to Locate Your Manufacturing Plant

How to Find a Manufacturing Facility

Using IoT sensors can help increase productivity and efficiency, allowing you to meet production and improve profitability. Running a manufacturing facility requires great care for your most important assets—your machinery and the maintenance team responsible for them.

Manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Selects Durham … – Governor Roy Cooper

Manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Selects Durham ….

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Highly specialized laborers situated alongside a series of rolling ramps would build up a product such as (in Ford’s case) an automobile. This concept dramatically decreased production costs for virtually all manufactured goods and brought about the age of consumerism. Quality you can trust We control our entire supply chain from raw materials to the delivery of finished products. Instead of compromising product quality and potentially losing customers, manufacturers should look for other areas where they can reduce costs.


When assets need scheduled maintenance or software updates, make sure you pull them from circulation as soon as possible. If devices are left in circulation too long, you risk further damage, extended service interruptions, and shorter asset life cycles. Smart asset management systems can help How to Find a Manufacturing Facility with all of those goals. With so many vacancies across the industry, many manufacturing companies are trying to offer the most competitive pay and benefits possible to retain skilled workers. For many potential employees, these are the most important considerations when selecting a position.

  • But the key to a project’s long-term success is that it fulfills its function for many years to come.
  • In this article, you will learn the twelve steps you should take when moving to a new manufacturing facility.
  • We offer added value at every step of your go-to-market journey Arla Foods Ingredients help you create the best possible early life nutrition products with a holistic support…
  • For additional tips sourcing on, review our Help Center guides.

Factories arose with the introduction of machinery during the Industrial Revolution, when the capital and space requirements became too great for cottage industry or workshops. Early factories that contained small amounts of machinery, such as one or two spinning mules, and fewer than a dozen workers have been called “glorified workshops”. By its very nature, the hospitality industry is constantly searching for ways to improve the customer experience.

Time Management

Speed to market, low up-front costs, and an instant revenue stream are big pluses. But before you rush to buy, recognize you may be running some serious risks. And then there’s the fact that existing facilities are often staffed and producing product, which means the new owner has a stream of revenue coming in immediately. Green technology Find out how Schindler’s green technology can help improve efficiency and save energy. Schindler incorporates green technology in elevators, escalators and destination dispatch technology. Clinton Discover our escalator manufacturing complex located in Clinton, North Carolina. The complex comprises both a 38,000-square-foot escalator step facility and a 155,000-square-foot escalator assembly plant.

How to Find a Manufacturing Facility

When choosing a manufacturing partner abroad, find out how well the workers are compensated, how safe their working conditions are, and if they’re compliant with existing regulations. Your job will be easier if you check those boxes before seeking a factory. Once you find answers to those questions, you’re ready to bring your product to life. Production of the Supermarine Spitfire at its parent company’s base at Woolston, Southampton was vulnerable to enemy attack as a high-profile target and was well within range of Luftwaffe bombers. Indeed, on 26 September 1940 this facility was completely destroyed by an enemy bombing raid.

Available Labor Force

The company handles everything – the manufacturing, marketing, distribution – and then pays you royalties based on sales. Many large corporations license ideas, as do designated licensing companies. Avoid manufacturing the product if customers aren’t willing to buy it. Look at competitors in the industry and understand how your product provides additional value to your customers.

  • They will appreciate the update and you will get the chance to pick their brains about new ways to improve as you settle into the new facility.
  • However, before making any business decision, you should consult a professional who can advise you based on your individual situation.
  • Schindler 9500 inclined Discover the numerous features & benefits of Schindler 9500AE inclined moving walks.
  • Manufacturing Industries are a part of secondary sector of the economy since it produces finished product.
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  • If your company espouses that it cares about its employees, you should make sure this value extends to your manufacturing partners.
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