Top 3 Must-Watch KDrama For Beginners

He says that Seoul is lonely without her, and asks her not to tell him not to come. She nervously asks what he means, but he just asks, “By any chance, do you like Messi? Dr. Go smiles at him and he opens his arms, and this time she steps into his hug. Jae-yi catches up to her and asks what’s wrong, and she lets loose on him. She says she came all this way to get over him, but now she finds herself waiting for him every night like before. Jae-yi reaches out and hugs her, surprising Dr. Go.

We are an enthusiastic team of professionals driven by passion and the zeal to learn and transform. This energy defines our work and is reflected in all our projects turning these events into memorable both live and digital. The next day he goes back home to retrieve some childhood photos and overhears something that shocks him.

It has wonderfully executed the struggles, hopes, relationships and first love of our Kim Bok Joo while letting the other characters to shine on their own. This drama is near perfect, it is consistent and faithful to the plot and the characters, and each episode is significant to the development of the story and the characters. I was looking for a drama without a serious plot…I just wanted something cute and fun and that’s what attracted me wfkbj at first, from the name, I guessed it would be a cute drama. It was a drama that made me feel like I was watching myself on the screen. It reminded me that as a youth, I am bound to make mistakes and becoming an adult is one hell of a ride. But I shouldn’t be discouraged because it’s perfectly normal to struggle at this point instead I should enjoy it to its fullest.

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My one real sticking gripe with this show is that it made me care too much for Joon Hyung at the beginning in a way that the show could have been called When a Swimmer falls for a Weightlifter! We see is trauma, his family, his athletics, his therapy, his love life past and present. Bok-ju and Joon-hyung is definitely my fave drama couple. They are really so perfect together, so adorable, so heartwarming, so awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a couple in k-drama that I love so much.

In another case, the character just runs away from its family and just like that all family problems are gone. A beautiful couple relationship develops after Bok Joo has her a broken heart after her first crush. And this is where the bar for a boyfriend raises to a new level. Joon Hyung becomes the dream boyfriend any woman should aim for.

At the time of cancellation of the data, they will only be kept blocked in compliance with legal obligations. Bok-joo is delighted to get a ride from Jae-yi after the concert. While Joon-hyung is in counseling he recalls an incident from his childhood. Next, I got the Pink Hoodie that Bok Joo wears when she and Joon Hyung cheer each other up while getting closer to each other emotionally.

Professor Yoonnever fails to made his team feel loved, andCoach Choias well. Kim Bok Joo is aweightlifting champion from Haneol Sports University.She is a verycheerful person, and very justly.Her dad runs achicken restaurant namedBok Chicken. Meanwhile,Jeong Joon Hyungis aswimmerfrom the same university. He oftens get disqualified for false start due to his trauma.

I think Lee Sung Kyung still has issues with overacting, as was the case with WLFKBJ. But I would say that her acting skills have improved by leaps and bounds from her previous roles in Cheese in the Trap and It’s Okay, That’s Love. The scene that really moved me was the one in which Jae Yi showed up during one of Bok Joo’s competitions. The physical emotion Bok Joo expressed when she lifted up the weight was so palpable. At that moment, I really sympathized with her for having to sacrifice her desire to look pretty and feminine for Jae Yi in order to win the competition.

Nam Joo-hyuk

Even though we won’t be able to invade their privacy anymore, iam sure Bok Ju and Joon Hyung will live and grow old together. I’ve never been so satisfied yet so sad to witness a drama end, thank you Lollypip for a great commentary. Definitely one of the best youth dramas ever ?. Yeah yeah- I can hear all the snorts of disbelief. But anyway this drama just jumped up to one of my top 5 dramas.

Two years later, it’s graduation day and Joon Hyung and Bok Joo make plans to get married. Kim Bok Joo is an accomplished weightlifter training at a sports college. Jung Joon Hyung, who was Bok Joo’s classmate in elementary school, is a swimmer at the same college. In 2016, the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo was loved for its unforgettable humorous moments. Above all, the public also paid special attention to the sweet love story of Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk.

Such a well matched on screen couple and the chemistry between the two are so good that their acting appears to be flawless. We learned about his mom and Joon Hyeong got some closure and was able to let her go and be happy. And then it ended soo cutely with Joon Hyeong working his butt off to go to Taerung with Bok Joo.

Nothing has touched my heart the way this drama has. I feel sad for the cast that this drama had low ratings, but I hope they are proud of this drama that they did because they may lack in ratings, but the are full of quality. Full of sincerity, full of encouragement, full of love.

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